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Let us help streamline your cases and save you time and money! See below for a highlight of some of our top service options!


Plaintiff or Defense Cases

Let us take the headache of screening the medical record. Helping to determine standard of care, deviations and case merit.

Quick turn around and rush service available! 


Brief - Moderate - Comprehensive

Summarizing the medical record to ensure clarity and accuracy. Assessing and critiquing care. Report structure includes the following: Chronological, Narrative, Point form, Illustrations and MORE!


Organizing the records & Data

Organizing all medical records to ensure clarity and efficiency.


Attendance, review & reports

We are willing to travel and attend your DME's and IME's. Our nursing expertise will help to ensure you have a set of eyes to assess and report our observations.


ensuring consistency

Helping with anything related to your cases, off loading the tedious tasks so you can focus on your job!


utilizing our expertise

Need assistance in mediation, deposition or trail? Our specialties and expert knowledge add value to your cases.


coordinating & communicating

Let us handle the medical needs of your cases and coordinate the multiple needs of your cases. Ensuring concise and clear communication.



Defining the standards of care in your cases. Assessing for adherence or deviations to the standards of care.

Services: Services



THE Legal Nurse Consultants (TLNC) are qualified to assist with many medical, health, & injury related concerns. Get assistance with navigating your cases through the challenging medical system. Our opinions, insight and expert knowledge will help YOU succeed! Our industry leading experience and quality will take you to the next level. 

Want greater success? See below!

Motorcycle Test

Motorcycle crashes & injury

A Comprehensive Approach

Our owner and founder Curt has been through his own catastrophic motorcycle crash. Therefore, we have a unique understanding of following areas: litigation process, examination of discovery, mediation, settlement, surgeries, recovery, allied health, adaptive devices, consults and counselling. We understand the depth of motorcycle crash and understand what cost of care needs may look like!

Leg Injury

Personal Injury

A Comprehensive Approach

Personal injury is unique with several influential factors. We will assist with the following: 

  • Extent of injury

  • Prior injury & history, related to case? or injury claimed?

  • Misdiagnosis of injury?  

  • Proper treatment of injury?

Whatever the variables are within the case we will provide an authoritative opinion backed with research & science!

MRI Scans

Traumatic Brain Injury

A Comprehensive Approach

Head trauma as a result of an accident has a lot variables to consider. A patients cognitive ability may have dramatically been affected through the accident. This change can affect, personal life, career aspirations and emotional lability. Let us help you determine the severity of injury and get the best support possible for clients.

Athlete with Amputated Leg

Orthopedic Injuries & Amputation

A Comprehensive Approach

Accidents can result in unfortunate surgeries and sometimes the life changing surgery of amputation. Let our specialists assist with the entire process. We help determine the severity of injury, cost of care, future cost of care and provide insight into the unseen needs of health.

Medical Team

Medical Malpractice

Critiquing Care, evaluating accuracy

Are you having a challenge with medical care in a case? Let us help you with reviewing the medical record, concerns and determining standards of care. We can determine if standards were adhered to or if there was deviance to the standards. We are experts at reviewing care and medical records. Let us save you time so you can focus on your case. Providing care/case reviews, reports and MORE!


Perioperative Cases

Ensuring standards of practice

We also assist in cases that involve PreOp (prior to surgery) and PACU (post anesthetic care unit). We have over 17 years of experience in this area of nursing practice. This experience gives us the ability to critically assess all aspects of the case. Let us handle the medical jargon and chart reviews so you can focus on winning the case..

Brainstorm to Success


Expert Guidance

We can assist with 30 different services, here are a few:

  • Case Review(s) 

  • Defining Standards of Care (SOC)

  • Assessing adherences or deviations from SOC

  • Research 

  • Reports 

  • Summarize, organize, paginate records

  • Locating experts 

  • & MORE! 

Contact us today to experience the Value we offer. 

Services: Services
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